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Fan Zhang

Fan Zhang is a second year PhD student Cornell University. His research interest spans systems security, trusted hardware, cryptocurrencies and their intersection.

Oscar Zegarra

Oscar is a senior studying Computer Science and Physics at Cornell University. He is interested in applications of block chain technologies as well as distributed systems and programming languages.

Yan Ji

Yan Ji is an undergraduate student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and currently an intern at Cornell. She is interested in blockchain technologies and other areas intersecting security, applied cryptography and distributed systems.

Ethan Cecchetti

Ethan Cecchetti is a graduate student at Cornell University. He is interested in a wide range of research related to security and cryptography.

Ari Juels

Ari Juels is a Professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech in NYC. He was previously Chief Scientist of RSA, The Security Division of EMC.

Elaine Shi

Elaine Shi is an Associate Professor at Cornell University. 99% of programmers in the real world are not cryptography experts, and it is dangerous for them to cook up their own cryptographic protocols. Elaine’s research creates platforms and tools that aids non-expert programmers in creating systems that are “secure by design” and “secure by default”.